Leading Conservative Has Sobering News For The GOP On Benghazi: ‘This Thing Is Done’

CREDIT: Reuters

A leading conservative pundit on Wednesday urged Republicans to end their Benghazi crusade, saying that “the country is now tired of it.”

“Politically speaking the administration has won,” Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News. “They ran out the clock. If we had a select committee from the beginning, really had coherent hearings unlike we’ve had which were disjointed hearings that let all things sort of slip away, we really would have been somewhere. We would have gotten to the bottom of this.” (Numerous executive and legislative branch hearings and investigations, as well as countless media reports, have already “gotten to the bottom” of Benghazi.)

Most of the House Republican caucus — and a group of GOP senators led by Lindsey Graham (SC) — have been calling for the select committee to investigate the Obama administration’s response to the Benghazi attacks, but have been continually rebuffed by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who has said the the four committees tasked with the investigation are handling it properly.

Indeed, the Republicans and their media allies have been investigating Benghazi for over a year and haven’t turned up any smoking gun to hang around the Obama administration. And because of that, leading House Democrats are asking their GOP colleagues to stand down on Benghazi and focus on more pressing issues.

“As a political fact, this thing is done,” Krauthammer said, “Unfortunately you only have a certain amount of time, a certain amount of attention, and the clock has run out on Benghazi.” He continued:

I’m as outraged as everybody about this. I just think that as a political issue the country is now tired of it, and to rev it up with a special committee is not going to work. I wish it had happened, and I do think the Republicans in the hearings that they had, which were completely disorganized, let this thing slip away. Sometimes you blow it.

But for Graham — who is facing a formidable Tea Party primary challenger — Benghazi is far from over. The South Carolina Republican on Wednesday promoted another bogus conspiracy that former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell lied about changing the infamous Benghazi talking points used by then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice days after the attacks on the Sunday political talk shows.

As with every other Benghazi conspiracy theory, this “who changed the talking points” issue has been throughly examined, with any alleged nefarious Obama administration activity regarding them fully debunked.


House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) said on Thursday that he is satisfied with how the military respond to the attack. “I think I’ve pretty well been satisfied that given where the troops were, how quickly the thing all happened and how quickly it dissipated, we probably couldn’t have done more than we did,” McKeon told reporters at a roundtable discussion. “Now, we’ve made changes since then. We’ve got more Marine fast teams that we built up security around the world.”

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