Confused About The Iran Deal? This Cartoon Bomb Will Help


In 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations and famously illustrated the danger of Iran’s nuclear program with a cartoon bomb. According to Netanyahu, the Iranians already had completed the first stage of building a bomb, which was enriching enough “low enriched uranium.” He estimated that put Iran about 70 percent of the way to actually producing a nuclear bomb. He also said Iran was quickly advancing toward enriching enough “medium enriched uranium,” which would put the country 90 percent of the way there. So that is where Netanyahu drew a red line.

The agreement reached on Monday by the six world powers (the U.S., U.K., France, China, Russia and Germany) and Iran would reduce the amount of low enriched uranium held by Iran by 96 percent, from about 7500KG to 300KG. Here is what Netanyahu’s bomb will look like after the new deal goes into effect:


CREDIT: AP/Andrew Breiner

Netanyahu has already blasted the new Iran deal as an “historic mistake.”