In Praise of UNO

As befits a longtime Mac user, I have a somewhat superficial understanding of things computational and basically just want everything to look pretty. Which is why one aspect of the OS X GUI has bothered me forever — the windows don’t match. Some programs — iTunes, Safari, iChat, etc. — have that cool “brushed metal” look, but other applications, including Apple programs like Mail, do not. That really bothered me. I stopped using Net News Wire and started using Vienna instead because the latter is brushed metal. I wouldn’t switch away from iChat and toward Adium until I found Adium settings that aped the brushed metal look. And, of course, I had to use Safari instead of Firefox as my web browser.

But no more! UNO the Sunken Unified GUI provides a simple method to make all your applications — even Word or NeoOffice — have the same basic appearance. Thus, life is good.