The Case of Jimmy Carter

This week’s Two Minute Hate seems destined to be directed at ex-president Jimmy Carter who’s written a book called Palestine: Peace not Apartheid. I don’t like the title, either, and, frankly, don’t plan to read the book. Still, Leon Hadar (Via Jim Henley) seems to me to have the best overall take on this: “I’m not sure whether Carter doesn’t like Israelis or hates Jews but from my perspective, he would go down in history as someone who made a huge contribution to Israel’s security through his successful mediation of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.”

Quite so. Compare this to the strategic “thinking” of Carter-hater Martin Peretz: “Baker has already informed us of what a successful negotiation between Israel and Syria would mean: a return of the Golan Heights to Damascus. Why would this satisfy the Syrians? They launched their war against Israel when they possessed the Heights. It was theirs.” By this “logic” of course, not only were Carter’s efforts on behalf of peace between Israel and Egypt misguided, but the Camp David Accords must have been impossible. After all, Egypt went to war with Israel when it already had the Sinai Peninsula, so how could Egypt possibly agree to peace in exchange for getting the Sinai back? Indeed, by Peretz’s line of reasoning it should be impossible, in general, for countries to stop fighting wars with each other — France and Germany would just be doomed to an endless series of armed conflicts.