O, The Irony

It’s sad and horrible, but there’s something laugh out-loud funny about the headline “Military Taking a Tougher Line With Detainees”. You heard that right, it’s no more Mr. Nice Indefinite Detention Without Trial in Gitmo. “They’re all terrorists; they’re all enemy combatants,” says the facility’s commander, Rear Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr, though, as the article points out, many of the detainees have, in fact, been cleared for release. Your chilling Orwellian line of the day is “Guantánamo’s focus was shifting from interrogations to the long-term detention of men who, for the most part, would never be charged with any crime.”

Yes, yes. The long-term detention of men who will never be charged with a crime and who there’s no intelligence value in questioning. They’re just going to be detained. Forever, apparently. And now it’s time for a tougher line. Conservative hero Augusto Pinochet, unless I’m mistaken, just went in for extra-judicial killing when he decided he was through with torturing someone, so perhaps this is progress?