Denver’s Answer

Allen Iverson will head to Denver in exchange for Andre Miller, Joe Smith (and his expiring contract), and the Nuggets’ two first-round draft picks in 2007, though if I’m reading this right they’re not likely to be especially high draft picks. Obviously, this deal has one kind of meaning for the duration of ‘Melo’s suspension, when Iverson will be something like his replacement, and another meaning when they’re playing alongside each other.

Obviously, I checked, and Iverson’s a somewhat more efficient shooter than Miller (though a significantly worse rebounder) so there you have it. On a slightly skeptical note, the obvious flaw in the pre-trade Denver offense was a lack of three point shooting, which Iverson doesn’t really address. From the standpoint of someone who likes the Nuggets’ unorthodox approach to the game, however, this would seem to make Denver more Denver than after — fast-paced, slashing, etc. One query is whether Karl will have the stones to try an ultra-small Iverson-Boykins back court at all. I dunno. Have at it. Does this make Denver a contender?

UPDATE: I guess I forgot to remark on Philly getting so little in exchange. Presumably Denver will make the playoffs with this post-trade roster and the other pick Philly’s getting is from Dallas if I understand correctly, so it’s not as if the Sixers have positioned themselves to put Greg Oden, Joakim Noah, and Kevin Durant alongside Miller next year. Then again, they were sort of backed into a corner.