Protest On

Hot on the heels of Mahmoud Ahmadenijad’s supporters suffering various setbacks in Iran’s semi-democratic elections, the dormant-for-a-while Iranian student movement seems to be revving back up again in its protests against the system. People have gotten their hopes up about this sort of thing before, obviously, and been disappointed. People have also sought to leverage the bravery of these people into a lot of unseemly chest-thumping — “if I blog about this a lot, then I’ll be a hero of the revolution!”

At any rate, you may recall my blog dustup with Ali Eteraz a couple of weeks ago. I guess you could say he and I have our differences, but his site turns out to have lots of content related to domestic developments in Iran and other Islamic countries, much of it quite interesting and will presumably have something on these developments.

UPDATE: See, e.g., here.