Name Names

Okay. To boil this Somalia business down to a simpler question, I read “American officials acknowledged that they tacitly supported Ethiopia’s approach because they felt it was the best way to check the growing power of the Islamists, whom American officials have accused of sheltering terrorists tied with Al Qaeda.” Way back when the Islamists first took over, I read “Already American officials have said that a handful of foreign fighters with links to Al Qaeda are being shielded by Mogadishu’s Islamist leaders.”

What are the names of these people the Islamists are sheltering? How many of them are there? Who are they? What have they done? What diplomatic efforts has the United States made to get the Islamists to turn them over? Pardon me for being cynical, but in this day and age my suspicion is that names aren’t involved in these articles but there’s no one in particular the Bush administration is worrying about and this is mostly hype and paranoia. But maybe not. So name some names.