Better PR Training Needed

Major Kelley Thibodeau, spokeswoman for the task force of American military personnel based in nearby in Djibouti explains: “Officially, we haven’t put anybody in Somalia. The Americans don’t go forward with the Ethiopians. They are training Ethiopians in Ethiopia.”

Seriously? Here’s how this is supposed to work. Major Kelley is talking to her superior officer: “What should I say if reporters ask about our involvement.” Colonel so-and-so replies, “officially, we haven’t put anybody in Somalia.” Major Kelley, when asked about this by a reporter, either replies “we haven’t put anybody in Somalia” or else refuses to answer the question or somehow evades it. Whatever she does, she can’t just repeat “officially, we haven’t put anybody in Somalia.” That gives the whole game away! She might as well just say “we’ve secretly put people in Somalia” at this point.