I don’t really know how to respond to Jason Zengerle trotting out the hearty chestnut that proponents of withdrawal from Iraq such as myself are in danger of “underestimat[ing] the consequences of it.” I had a draft of a long post written. I decided to delete it. I don’t see a point in getting tied down in side issues about who is and isn’t being too cavalier about what. I’ll just say that my opposition to prolonging or escalating the American military deployment in Iraq has nothing to do with optimism about the consequences of withdrawal and everything do to with pessimism about the efficacy of either “surging” or staying the course.

If Zengerle — or Joe Klein or whomever — has an argument in favor of surging that he’d like to present, I’ll happily respond to it but it’s weird to just debate tone with people who are disinclined to reach a judgment on the substantive issue at hand.