The Speech

I’ve neither seen it nor read it since I was at the Wizards game where DC won despite Agent Zero scoring “only” 20 points on horrible 5-16 shooting. Goes to show crazy things can happen. Thus, the surge is a good idea. Just kidding. It’s still crazy. But as I say, haven’t read or seen the speech yet (will get on that). For now, let me note the reaction of Michael Gerson, currently pretending to be a foreign policy expert at CFR but in fact Bush’s speechwriter 2000-2006:

The speech was direct, strong and detailed. But the policy announced tonight matters far more than the words—and that policy represents a major shift. For the first time since the fall of Baghdad, the president has set out a realistic plan to secure the citizens of that city in order to allow political and economic progress to move forward.

Gerson goes on, offering the level of BS one would expect from the man who wrote the presidents BS for so many years, but just consider this: Gerson concedes that the administration proceeded for years without a realistic plan!