A Most Ingenius Paradox!

Tavernise and Burns reporting from Baghdad note that “As President Bush challenges public opinion at home by committing more American troops, he is confronted by a paradox: an Iraqi government that does not really want them.” For the purposes of being non-shrill and non-alienating it’s generally a good plan to avoid the term, but the key to this paradox is, of course, imperialism. Iraq is, legally, a sovereign nation, but Nouri al-Maliki is, practically speaking, in no position to contradict White House dictates. Privately, however, “aides to Mr. Maliki have been saying for weeks that the government is wary of the proposal.”

So to sum up, neither the American military nor the American congress nor the American people nor the Iraqi government nor the Iraqi public wants an American military escalation. Naturally, we’re getting one.