Good Weekend

What better way to follow up a Friday evening birthday celebration than by hosting a Saturday night birthday party for your roommates. Then you wake up the next day to one of the great sports Sundays of the year — Sunday NBA on ABC premieres, followed by Conference Championship games.

The Scene

Nevertheless, the AFC championship is just hours away and I still don’t know what to do. With Pat Riley “on leave” from the Miami Heat, the Colts and the Patriots are now the two most loathsome teams in professional sports. I desperately want them both to lose. If New England wins, we’ll need to hear once again about how quarterback/superhuman Tom Brady “knows how to win the big games.” If Indianapolis wins, the one strike against Peyton Manning’s career will be lifted and his insufferable face will no doubt be smeared across my television screen even more frequently. I’m hoping for injuries. Many, many injuries.

UPDATE: Let me also note that watching a full week of NFC coverage focusing on how nice it would be for those nice football players from New Orleans to win after their city’s gone through so much what with that flood and all has given me a powerful hatred for the Saints — go Grossman go! The Bears just hit N.O. like a category six football storm: Woo!