Nothing New

“Rice Names Critic Of Iraq Policy to Counselor’s Post” — hey, I thought, maybe positive change is on the way. Well, no, I didn’t actually think that was likely. Instead I thought, let’s click the article and see all the ways in which this turns out to be a scam. Well:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has tapped Eliot A. Cohen, a prominent writer on national security strategy and an outspoken critic of the administration’s postwar occupation of Iraq, as her counselor, State Department officials said yesterday.

Of course, what Bush and Bush’s supporters like about Cohen is that his book, Supreme Command, is read by them as offering justification for the White House’s habit of overruling military experts and substituting instead the judgment of idiots. That’s probably a bit unfair to Cohen himself, who seems to have had in mind overruling the generals when your national political leadership isn’t dominated by fools, but still. Cohen is a pioneering incompetence dodger of the right, enjoys making spurious accusations of anti-semitism, and generally speaking should fit right in with the rest of Team Bush.