The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be

Matt, people ask me, how could you have ever supported this war? It was a crazy time in American life. Today, for example, we’re around the house listening to Love is Dead, the 1996 classic from The Mr. T Experience, pop-punk favorites from my youth. The heart and soul of the Experience, of course, is Dr. Frank. Doctor Frank has a blog. Back in the day, it was full of posts like this:

It’s too bad he hasn’t been giving speeches like this all along, but it’s welcome nonetheless. After weeks of “leaks” and trial balloons about proposed scenarios for post-Saddam Iraq, the administration seems to have, at last, committed itself to the pro-democracy, neo-con program, or at least something along those lines. At the very least, any further waffling, wobbling, or backtracking, any hint that our efforts at Liberation will be less than sincere or thorough, any nod to the stability-at-all-costs mantra of Foggy Bottom and the GHWB alumni, can now be criticized fairly powerfully with a playback of the President’s own words.

You have to understand, this isn’t a rightwing propagandist blogging here. It’s a freaking punk rock star. And, yes, he concludes with a parenthetical “Of course, in practical terms, the bluster-o-meter matters much less than the fact that the French attempt to wound the US by bringing down the Blair government appears to have failed.” Fuck France!

And, I suppose, in some sense invading another country for no reason at all is sort of the most punk rock thing ever. Uncritically accepting the statements of the nation’s political leaders, though, isn’t so punk. I should have listened to Green Day but everyone knows they sold out.