An Example

The real question at hand is what’s the dumbest part of David Broder’s column on the Bipartisan Policy Center being spearheaded by Bob Dole, Tom Daschle, George Mitchell, and Howard Baker. My vote is for this:

But beyond the specific policy ideas they may generate, the hope is that the sight of these four diverse characters and strong-minded leaders working together will serve as an example to current senators.

I’m no Senator, but here’s my commitment to Broder and to everyone out there in the grant-writing community. If you want to give me “a staff of 20 and a budget of $7 million a year” I will gladly put partisanship aside and reach across the aisle for solutions. Yes, yes, it’s true — I’m that selfless. Specifcally, maybe me, Ezra, Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam could all work together on a $7 million a year bipartisan blog operation. We’d each draw a modest $250,000 a year in salary, and deploy the other $6 million on operating expenses for the group including a really, really nice conference room for us to sit down in while we hash out points of consensus and seek to “synthesize the best suggestions on improving port security.”