Cheney Attacks

Pelosi fires back:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Cheney’s remarks prove that “the administration’s answer to continuing violence in Iraq is more troops and more treasure from the American people.”

I still don’t feel that Democrats have located the appropriately disrespectful tone for responding to Cheney’s foreign policy pearls of wisdom. If David Duke were to slam Pelosi as insufficiently committed to white supremacy, she wouldn’t start quibbling with him. Getting smeared by Cheney isn’t the same as that (but let him complain then come back with, sorry, it’s easy to get confused when you’re talking about one of congress’ foremost supporters of the apartheid regime in South Africa), but it’s still a situation where his attacks should be worn as a badge of honor. Substantively, the man is a horror. Conveniently, he’s also wildly unpopular. I mean, he’s got to be one of the least-popular major American political figures ever. It seems to me that “When Dick Cheney criticizes the House Democrats, that’s how we know we must be doing something right” is along the right lines. I mean, I think the period during which Cheney and his “gravitas” were well-respected around the nation is long behind us at this point.