Christians Against Torture

National Association of Evangelicals says:

The NAE board endorsed “An Evangelical Declaration Against Torture: Protecting Human Rights in An Age of Terror.” The 18-page document, which was produced by Evangelicals for Human Rights and can be viewed at www.evangelicalsforhumanrights.org, states: “From a Christian perspective, every human life is sacred. Recognition of this transcendent moral dignity is non-negotiable for us as evangelical Christians in every area of life, including our assessment of public policies. We write this declaration to affirm our support for detainee human rights and opposition to any resort to torture.”

The document affirms the doctrine that “United States law and military doctrine has banned the resort to torture or cruel and degrading treatment. Tragically, documented cases of torture and inhumane and cruel behavior have occurred at various sites in the war on terror, and current law opens procedural loopholes for more to continue. We commend the Pentagon’s revised Army Field Manual for clearly banning such acts, and urge that this ban extend to every sector of the United States government without exception, including our intelligence agencies.”

That’s via Mark Kleiman. The full statement is here in PDF. The NAE board also recently flipped off Dobson et. al. when they tried to excommunicate a newer generation of leaders who decided to stray from some elements of Republican Party orthodoxy. And good for them. The correlation in this country between observant Christianity and political support for agenda of aggressive warfare, torture, etc. has been notably dissonant in recent years. Now, perhaps, things are turning around.