“Opinions Differ on Shape of the Earth”

The Forward‘s coverage of George Soros, Nicholas Kristof and others generating some AIPAC-related controversy lately is generally quite good, but this graf is absurd:

But Soros’s greatest critic is no doubt New Republic editor Martin Peretz, who posted only a brief reaction on his blog to Soros’s article, promising to elaborate when he returns from his trip abroad. Peretz had attacked Soros in February for saying that the United States would need “de-Nazification” after President Bush leaves office, charging that Soros himself had been guilty of collaborating with the Nazis as a teenager in Hungary. Soros replied in the magazine that the charge was false, and Peretz backed off somewhat. Now, however, he has promised to come back with guns blazing, after he returns from an overseas trip.

“Since he has picked the scab off his own wound this time, I will not be so kind this time,” Peretz warned.

Surely the charge that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator isn’t the sort of thing that should be tossed out there and just allowed to hang. It’s true, of course, that Peretz has made this charge, but as best anyone can tell he made it baselessly because he doesn’t like Soros. There’s not a serious factual dispute.