A Bas L’ADQ!

My previous effort at Québec-blogging got bogged down in a discussion of conquering Atlantic Canada, so I didn’t get to return to my core point which was not to be an apologist for the Parti Québécois but simply to note that the ADQ, not the PQ, is the worst of the province’s three parties. I stand with John on this:

It’s so rare for Canadian politics to make it out of the Canadian-blogging ghetto, so let me grasp this moment while I can… I have to say, I’m not nearly as optimistic as Scott Lemieux when he says “Ah, you always have to like it when the ethnic nationalist secessionists finish third.” The ADQ — the party that pushed the overtly-secessionist Parti Quebecois in to third place — is actually chock full of ethnic nationalists (and plenty of other nasty characters besides) and has more than one secessionist in its ranks, though I’m not sure if any one member actually combines both sides. In contrast, the PQ in this election was actually led by a gay man whose aim was to try and present a more multicultural, tolerant view of Quebec’s traditionally racist separatist movement.* He lost votes to a party with a candidate who denied the Rwandan Genocide took place. So yes, ethnic nationalism in Quebec — from which the secessionist impulse flows — did very well this week, at the expense of a more progressive vision of Quebec society.