Rudy on Judges

I continue to be slightly astounded by Rudy Giuliani’s GOP opponents’ inability to make more hay out of his record on social issues. His website, for example, contains an effort to convince us that even though he’s pro-choice he’ll get abortions banned anyway by saying: “Rudy Giuliani served as the third highest ranking official in Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department, worked as a US Attorney, and argued cases before the Supreme Court. He understands the responsibility the President has to appoint and nominate federal judges. The kind of judges he has said he would appoint are strict constructionists like Justices Scalia, Roberts and Alito – principled individuals who can be trusted to respect the Constitution as it is written, rather than attempting to legislate from the bench.”

And, indeed, Giuliani did serve as Associate Attorney General from 1981-1983, during which time Ronald Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court. Can’t John McCain point this out? Mitt Romney? Ponnuru, maybe?