Give Giving Peace a Chance a Chance

I’m not sure this really qualifies as muckraking per se, but over at TPM Muckraker Spencer Ackerman has a post up on how Jewish-Americans and Arab-Americans alike would like to see the United States get more involved (again) in trying to foster an Israeli-Arab settlement:

Contrary to the election-year tendency to pander to Mideast hardliners in the U.S., 68 percent of American Jews and 64 percent of American Arabs say that they’d be “more likely” to back an active peace-processor; only 3 percent of both communities would be less likely to support such a candidate. The same robust support exists in both communities for the notion that promoting a negotiated peace is in U.S. interests: 96 percent of Jewish-Americans and 91 percent of Arab-Americans answered affirmatively. And 89 percent of American Jews and 92 percent of American Arabs agree that “Arab/Jewish American collaboration” is important in making Mideast peace a reality.

Who wants to step up?