“A Poet’s Life”


A colleague alerts me to the fact that Tim Armstrong of Rancid has a solo album, “A Poet’s Life.” MP3s of three tracks “Wake Up”, “Hold On”, and “Oh No” are available for free on the Epitaph website. It’s all sounding disappointingly ska-ish. Spencer Ackerman, who I guess isn’t allowed to write about this stuff on TPM Muckraker, remarks “look dude you’re not prince buster, write me some fucking punk songs” which reminds me that I don’t quite recall what the upshot was of the conversation Andrew, Ross, and I had with James Bennett about the appropriate use of the word “fuck” on an Atlantic-branded blog.

Spencer also offers the view that Rancid’s Indestructible is “way underrated” but I think Life Won’t Wait is the underrated Rancid album.