Delegates Explainer

A useful rundown of how Democratic delegates are allocated, superdelegates, etc., etc. from Sam Boyd. Plus bonus brokered convention speculation:

Brokered conventions (where no candidate arrives with a majority of the delegates) are predicted every four years, and every four years they don’t actually happen. However, it does seem likely this year that we’ll, at the very least, see a closer result than any since 1980 or even 1968. We might not even know who will win until the convention gets underway. Edwards could act as a kingmaker by throwing his delegates to Clinton or Obama and putting him or her over the top (his delegates would not be required to follow his instructions, but they will likely be personally loyal to him). Or, unelected superdelegates could throw the nomination to a candidate who comes in second in pledged delegates. Even if the result is known at the start of the convention, it might not be determined until June or July.