Wednesday Zimbabwe Blogging

I have paid approximately no attention to the election in Zimbabwe, but I have to agree with Dave Weigel that this is no way to rig an election:

President Robert Mugabe’s party has lost its majority in parliament, the Zimbabwe Election Commission says. It says Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party has taken 94 of the 207 contested seats, while opposition parties have won 105. One seat has gone to an independent.

Matthew Weaver is running a Zimbabwe blog for the Guardian. Timothy Burke often has interesting things to say about Zimbabwe, and I’ve found the information in his March 28 post to be useful background. Going forward, part of the issue here, as it often is, is that Mugabe and other members of his regime will be much more willing to give up power if they think they’ll be able to retire in peace. These kind of situations then pose a dilemma between the desire to find a peaceful and constructive solution to the conflict at hand, and the sense that there needs to be accountability for the crimes of the past.