The Security Message

Democracy Corps says the following message sells well:

We cannot afford more of the reckless, extreme national security policies of the Bush years that lost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in Iraq. But John McCain was Bush’s biggest supporter on Iraq and says he is willing to keep our troops there for 100 years. I would strengthen America’s security by bringing home our troops from Iraq during 2009, doing what we need to win in Afghanistan, rebuilding our alliances, and pursuing a new alternative energy policy, including alternative sources, to reduce our dependence on oil from dangerous regimes.

Reckless, extreme, I like it. They also say that a “priorities message” focused on the idea that we’re wasting money and so forth in Iraq and need to take care of problems at home does pretty well, but that the security message has much more resonance especially among independents. I like it. An awful lot of John McCain’s national security “cred” is pure bluff, people understand that an honorable military record plus lunatic ideas about foreign policy doesn’t equal security for America.