Praise for HITS

Martin Hollick reads Heads in the Sand and says “It’s great. You may think a book on foreign policy would be dry, but how can you not love an introduction that quotes both Nietzsche and Peanuts?” Indeed, it’s actually impossible to avoid loving this book. But to love it, you must buy it. So why not buy a copy today and finally learn to love? And also about how to somewhat misapply Nietzsche in order to mock Tom Friedman.

Meanwhile, Martin thought something I said didn’t make sense, but then it was all explained on the very next page because that’s how awesome the book is. Incidentally, anyone out there who’s reading the book and saying nice things about it on their blog should feel free to email (I’m myglesias at gmail or at theatlantic) me looking for links — it’s win-in.

Also on his blog, I too wonder why musical theater translates so poorly to film. One relevant point may be that animated musical movies seem to me to work much better, but I’m not sure what that gets you exactly.