Whipping Out The Ghetto Pass


And now for some comic relief:

Commenter BigSister takes Obama post-racialism a little far and claims that I don’t see race-baiting from Clinton because I’m “not black.” OK, so I confess, it is indeed true that I’m a terrible dancer, I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, and I’ve got the sort of jump-shot that careens over backboard.

BUT–in my defense–I have dedicated my life to defending the beauty of fried whiting, congac, and Nia Long. More to the point, my parents are, you know, black. Alright, they are a brownish/yellow, but the point is either I am black, or I need to get a paternity test done on my son. I know I’m addicted to The Flaming Lips and all, and the time has come to “get beyond race,” but come on guys, I live in Harlem for Christ sake. And I once wore a daishiki. And my name is Ta-Nehisi. Hello?