Dobbs on Georgia

Michael Dobbs offers a useful “everyone calm down now” bit of perspective on Russia-Georgia war guilt:

Actually, the events of the past week in Georgia have little in common with either Hitler’s dismemberment of Czechoslovakia on the eve of World War II or Soviet policies in Eastern Europe. They are better understood against the backdrop of the complicated ethnic politics of the Caucasus, a part of the world where historical grudges run deep and oppressed can become oppressors in the bat of an eye.

The whole piece is well-worth reading. I think it tends to re-enforce the point that soon after the fighting ends, people outside the region will swiftly forget this whole thing ever happened, contrary to the many indications from conservatives over the past week and a half that we were watching history-making events. Then at some point in the future there will, no doubt, be a new flare-up of some kind in the neighborhood.