McCain and the Gates of Hates

Two items. One, Ali Frick has John McCain responding to a question about whether we need to reinstate the draft in order to meet his pledge to “follow bin Laden to the gates of hell” by saying “I don’t disagree with anything you said.” Previously, McCain has said we’d only need a draft in “all-out World War III” and that he agrees “to some extent” that we’re already in World War III.

Meanwhile, Matt Duss wonders why McCain won’t follow bin Laden into Pakistan where, unlike the gates of hell, he actually is. I, for one, would just settle for McCain getting some priorities straight. The point of the gates of hell line, after all, is to underscore how seriously McCain takes the al-Qaeda issue. But he’s also absolutely committed to an undefined goal of victory in Iraq. And he’s also absolutely committed to halting the Iranian nuclear program. And now he’s also absolutely committed to rolling back Russian influence. In the real world, you can’t accomplish anything unless you’re prepared to focus and set priorities.