Two Become One


I was wondering yesterday how it is that you manage to spend almost $4.7 million on a condo in Phoenix, and the answer turns out to be that the McCains bought two luxury condos and combined them. The $4.66 million figure is the combined price of his cribs. What’s more, at 2211 Camelback you’re not just paying for a swanky pad, you’re getting top-notch amenities like an edgeless rooftop pool and a concierge staff prepared to cater to your every whim:

* Laundry and dry cleaning service with pick-up and delivery
* Personal spa services
* Travel and driver services
* Dining reservations and catering
* Special events tickets
* Shopping services
* Housekeeping and maintenance services
* Pet services, auto detailing, plant care, etc.
* Business services

Amenities aside, though, this is one reason why it’s a bit unfair to tag McCain as out of touch for being unable to remember how many homes he owns. When one of your homes is really a combination of two different luxury condos the metaphysical status of your property comes into question. You’d really need to ask a trained professional mereologist to resolve the issue and can’t expect McCain to speak to it personally.