The Ranch House Dilemma

I’ve seen a lot of liberals giving John McCain a hard time about not knowing how many homes he owns. But this is a genuinely difficult question to answer! There’s the case of his two-for-one condo in Phoenix, for example. And there’s also the tricky question of McCain “Hidden Valley Ranch” house situation. The Cindy Hensley McCain Family Trust owns 11455 E Hidden Valley Road, 11445 E Hidden Valley Road, 11415 E Hidden Valley Road, and 11405 E Hidden Valley Road. But is that four properties or is it one property? What’s more, according to McCain there are six houses on the property. So that ranch situation could be anywhere from six houses to one house, depending on how you look at it. Combined with the condo situation, we’re now in the 2-7 house range.

UPDATE: And of course you have to consider the case of Meghan McCain’s loft in Phoenix. Her parents paid $700,000 for it and as a graduation present let her live there, but technically they’re the owners. Does that count as one of McCain’s houses or doesn’t it?