The Cheney Factor


The McCain campaign is sensitive to accusations that he would continue the Bush administration’s policies, and is very eager to avoid giving the impression that he would do so, though as best one can tell there aren’t any areas of national policy in which he proposes to implement significantly different policies. But optics-wise, it seems, they’d rather keep Dick Cheney far away from the convention. And not DC far; Azerbaijan far:

Vice President Cheney will travel abroad beginning September 2, 2008. President Bush has asked the Vice President to travel to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Italy for discussions with these key partners on issues of mutual interest. The Vice President will meet with President Aliyev of Azerbaijan, President Saakashvili of Georgia, President Yushchenko of Ukraine, and President Napolitano and Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy, as well as senior officials of their respective governments. In addition to meetings with foreign leaders, the Vice President will attend and address the Ambrosetti forum entitled, “Intelligence on the World, Europe and Italy” in Lake Como, Italy.

Meanwhile, John McCain says that if he’d won the 2000 election, he would have made Dick Cheney vice president and Don Rumsfeld secretary of defense.