McCain Still Can’t Catalogue His Property Correctly

Meghan McCain

The good news is that John McCain figured out how many homes he owns. The bad news is that he can’t seem to keep track of where his daughter lives. How else to explain this explanation of his housing situation to Katie Couric:

So the fact is that we have homes, and I’m grateful for it. We spend our time primarily in Washington, D.C., where I have a condominium in Crystal City, [Va.]; here in this beautiful Sedona that I am blessed every moment that I can spend here; our condominium in Phoenix, Ariz.; and a place over in San Diego. The others are also for investment purposes.

One of those “others” is, in fact, a $700,000 loft apartment that the McCains bought for their daughter, Meghan, after she graduated from college. I remember that from a GQ article about Meghan — it’s not that hard to remember.