Paulism and Paul

I’ve just been over at the Target Center checking out Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic. I have some video that I’m hoping to upload once I find a spot where it’s possible. For now a photo:


Two contrasting observations from talking to people. One is that a lot of people, typified by the Bill McGaughey for congress sign and former Rep. Bob Barr’s presence outside in the hallway are trying to build on the enthusiasm Paul’s campaign generated to garner supporters for other non-mainstream political causes. The other is that for some the movement really does have a personality cult aspect. Paul hasn’t made a presidential endorsement, and a lot of folks are genuinely just waiting for him to tell them what to do and have no intention of trying to make up their own minds. Voting Barr seems overwhelmingly like the most logical option to me, but I guess it’s not really up to me.