The New Beer Track


In the spirit of Barack Obama’s call for national reconciliation and a de-escalation of the culture wars, after knocking off work yesterday I went with Chris Hayes (pictured) and Ari Berman of The Nation and Mike Tomasky of The Guardian to grab some beers and, like any good beer-track voter, pair them with a selection of local cheeses.

This was all in St. Paul’s Summit Heights neighborhood, which seemed to come straight out of liberal elite central casting. Indeed, we literally — and not just Joe Biden literally, but actually literally — wound up in Garrison Keillor’s living room. He turns out to be a very generous host, but not a blog reader. The other place I went in St. Paul that was good was Golden’s Deli on the other side of downtown. A local independent media operation called The Uptake secured the location as a workspace and also secured a bunch of delicious sandwiches.