Palin, McCain, and the Bush Doctrine

As we know, George W. Bush has outlined a doctrine that he calls “preemption” but that’s really prevention or “anticipatory self-defense.” It holds that we should attack other countries that might attack us at some future point even if we have no particular evidence of a specific or imminent plan to do so. As we also know, John McCain agrees with this doctrine. Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to know that this s what the Bush doctrine is, and, once recovered from her deer-in-the-headlights pose she outlined a different position, advancing an imminent threat standard.

Now it’s not unusual for a presidential candidate and his running mate to disagree about some stuff. But since as Governor of Alaska Palin didn’t have a record on these issues, it would be hard to just know what Palin thought about this issue. Which naturally raises the question of whether or not McCain discussed the issue of the Bush doctrine, or preventive war, or anticipatory self-defense, before putting her on the ticket. Maybe he doesn’t think this is an important point? I’m not really sure. But it would be nice if someone in the press would ask him. Did he and she talk this over before he made his final choice?