New Things McCain Has Lied About

It’s getting difficult to provide a separate blog post for each McCain Lie that winds up getting exposed. But:

That second McCain Lie is a reminder of a vintage McCain Lie that I don’t think I’ve previously discussed wherein they tried to say Palin has been to Ireland when, in fact, she was on a plane that stopped in Ireland to refuel before taking off again. By the same token, I can tell you some time about my visit to the Memphis Airport and the new appreciation of Tennessee culture I acquired there.

UPDATE: You know, to be honest, I did gain something of an appreciation for Tennessee culture during my Memphis layover. The barbecue I had was far from the best barbecue I’ve ever had, but it was definitely the best airport food I’d ever had and definitely made me want to come back to Memphis sometime to try some not-in-the-airport eats.