King Corn

A Rich Lowry correspondent has a truly crazy idea — John McCain could talk about an issue where, without lying about his record or Barack Obama’s record, he could genuinely say that he’s on the right side of a public policy question: Ethanol.

Doesn’t seem to be his style, but I thought that was worth tossing out there.

Meanwhile, via Ezra Klein we can see Simon Donner’s chart of American corn:

There’s been a steep rise in the amount of corn going to ethanol lately, but animal feed is still the overwhelming dominant use. And while ethanol subsidies are bad, they’re not nearly the end of our bad corn policies. There’s opportunity for someone to go after not just ethanol, but the whole suite of bad corn-related policy we have in this country. It’s bad for public health, bad for the environment, and bad economics. I once did a draft speech for Chuck Schumer about ethanol that included a line about crucifying mankind upon a cross of corn but that got vetoed as over-the-top. But I say it’s about time for some anti-corn populism from some politician from outside the corn belt.