Today in Food Facts


A. Serwer brings to light some pertinent information about America’s favorite mark of elitism: “consider that arugula, which is available to the rich and famous at any local McDonalds, is ‘exotic’ while moose is now as American as Thanksgiving turkey.” I was kind of hoping it would turn out that there’s no McDonald’s in Wasilia but there’s one right in what I assume is the downtown area. Of course I bet people who own eight houses don’t know a great deal about what’s on the menu at McDonald’s so I suppose McCain can be forgiven his ignorance of this point.

Meanwhile, like normal people I usually encounter arugula as part of a mix of salad greens. Consequently, it wasn’t until this presidential campaign that I ever really had an opportunity to consider my view of arugula in isolation. But I’ve been thinking about it, and I have to see that it’s really not the best thing out there.

Meanwhile, how is it that nobody seems to sell moose meat? There’s a whole elk meat website but I’m seeing nothing on moose. Doesn’t seem fair.