The War on Greed

I thought I’d surf on over to the Corner to see what the NROniks thought of John McCain’s populist turn earlier today, but I didn’t really see anything. But from my own perspective, it’s interesting how much weight McCain wants to put on greed as the causal factor here:

The working people of this state and this nation are the most innovative, the hardest working, the best skilled, most productive, most competitive in the world. This foundation of our economy, the American worker, is strong but it has been put at risk by the greed and mismanagement of Wall Street and Washington. The top of our economy is broken. We have seen self-interest, greed, irresponsibility and corruption undermine the hard work of the American people. It is time to set things right, and I promise to get the job done as your president.

I suppose nobody’s going to speak out in favor of “greed,” but just like when McCain was bashing Mitt Romney in the primaries for having spent time in the private sector, this is pretty strange stuff. Does McCain really think it’s that terrible for people in the business world to be motivated by self-interest? Does he really think that as president he’s going to find a way to put a stop to greed? Unless this means nothing at all, then it’s incredibly utopian.

My suspicion is that it means nothing at all. Just like how McCain is against crazy CEO compensation packages but doesn’t intend to do anything about it, he’s also against greedy Wall Street types but doesn’t intend to do anything about them, either. He’s long on moralism, and short on practical policy solutions.