More to Come


It’s a little terrifying to realize that I’m going to have to cover two more presidential debates. The research indicates that while debates don’t usually make a huge difference, they sometimes do and considering how few campaign effects can ever be shown to have a real impact on outcomes that makes them pretty darn important to cover. And yet: I usually find debates tedious. And while Bush-Gore pitted two pretty good debaters against each other and Bush-Kerry pitted a pretty good debater against a very good one, McCain-Obama is like a clash of the dwarfs. Looking back at the primaries, both men were distinctly unimpressive and managed to win their respective nominations through other means. The upshot is, in my view, just downright bad television.

Now, Biden-Palin — a matchup between Mr Gaffe and Ms Nonsense will at least be interesting because one or both of them could easily screw-up big-time. But McCain and Obama painfully telegraphing their potted zingers isn’t something I need to see more of.