Blue Star Gibberish


The Blue Star Moms seems like a fine organization, but that’s no reason to start talking nonsense:

Palin responded to a question about the economic recovery plan, which was hashed out overnight. She answered, but she made it clear that she was then going to concentrate on the Blue Star Moms, “Bailout? Ok? Then I’m going to talk to these gals whose sons are also in the service. But, thankful that John McCain is able to have some of those provisions implemented in that Paulson proposal to have more sound oversight,” Palin said. “Taxpayers aren’t going to be assumed to be called upon to bail out so I’m glad that John McCain’s voice is heard and his leadership too.”

Oh for the days when politicians could dodge questions in complete, comprehensible sentences. That’s like a copy of a copy of a copy of a talking point.

When Palin was first picked, some people said that attacks on her inexperience would backfire because it would remind people of Barack Obama’s relative lack of experience. But my dad pointed out to me earlier today that the more she talks, the more the reverse happens — when you compare Obama and Palin side-by-side, purely abstract concerns you might have about his lack of experience tend to melt away in the face of a concrete example of a politician who’s not ready for prime time.