“Lou Dobbs is a Man”


Some background on how the Couric-Palin interview came together:

“In one part of the interview, I asked her what newspapers and magazines she read before being asked to be John McCain’s running mate,” Couric said. “And she couldn’t name any. So again, I turned to the crew and I said, ‘Hold it, guys,’ and I went to the Governor privately and said, ‘Governor Palin, did you not understand the question? I’m asking you to name some newspapers or magazines you read. You can’t come up with any? I’m just trying to make sure you’re clear and to give you a fair shake here.’ And she said, ‘Okay. Nightline? Is that a magazine?’ I said, ‘No, that’s a television show.’ She said, ‘What about Lou Dobbs? Isn’t that a newspaper?’ And I said, ‘No, that’s a man. Lou Dobbs is a man.’ And there wasn’t much more I could do. I’m not a miracle worker.”

If I were Governor of Alaska, I might consider keeping tabs on what’s being said in Alaska magazine.

UPDATE: From a reader: “Hey, Matt. That item about Couric and Palin comes from a political satire site. I.e., I don’t think it’s real.” Well, that’s certainly a big difference! Apologies for the error.