Does Norm Coleman Support Privatizing Social Security?

We’ve seen Norm Coleman’s campaign spokesman have trouble answering questions about who pays for Coleman’s suits, but now he doesn’t seem to be able to give a straight answer to a question about whether or not Coleman favors privatizing Social Security either:

My recollection of the 2005 Social Security debate is that Coleman, like most Republicans, favored privatizing Social Security but also recognized that privatizing Social Security is unpopular and therefore favored not calling it “privatization” and only actually going through with it if they could sucker some Democrats into going along with their plan so as to provide political cover. Placed in that context, it seems that Coleman is still a supporter. If he wants to change his mind, after all, it would be easy enough to say that he will oppose any plan to divert payroll taxes into any kind of private account and he’s clearly not willing to do that.

UPDATE: Don’t miss Ruy Teixeira’s brief report on Social Security and public opinion up on the CAP site today.