Kentucky GOP: New Yorkers Are Icky

Via Chris Bowers, a pretty telling ad on behalf of Mitch McConnell:

I would say this is anti-semitic, except at key junctures they’re tapping into anti-Italian sentiments, implying that because Chuck Schumer is Italian, he must be one of those gangsters you’ve seen on The Sopranos. But of course Schumer isn’t Italian, he’s Jewish. It’s all just a single heady brew of New Yorky ethnicness.

UPDATE: A couple of additional points. One is that this is a terrible New York accent. Surely they could have found someone who’d do it right. Another is that in addition to conflating Jews and Italians, this ad seems to be positing the idea that outer borough white ethnics love hippies. Someone needs to send some All in the Family DVDs to Kentucky, I think.