No Sleep ‘Till West Virginia


Sarah Palin going on a bus tour to West Virginia is a puzzling move. Obviously, if West Virginia is in play, then the McCain-Palin ticket is doomed. There’s no point in focusing on the states that are actually close at the moment, you need to focus on the states that would be close if the election were close and then hope that events and your national media strategy can make the election close. And if you are going to play defense in non-battleground states, you may as well go places (Georgia, Kentucky) where you could be lending a hand to a possibly endangered Senate candidate. I’m trying to come up for a theory as to how this represents Palin pre-positioning herself for the 2012 primaries but that doesn’t really add up, either. Maybe she wants to take a bus tour of Iowa? Hint that she loves John McCain but disagrees with him about ethanol?