Bjustra Hell


IKEA sells a dining room table called “bjustra.” In fact, they sell two different tables by the same name, similar in style but different in size. Each table comes in two boxes — one for the table top, and one for the base. And if you so happen to get mixed up in the store and pick up box one of one bjustra and box two of the other bjustra, well, suffice it to say that “woe unto you.”

They won’t catch the mistake at the checkout line. And when you drive back to College Park to try to make the exchange, they’ll tell you that the thing to do is to go back home and dial extension 1050. Except nobody picks up at that extension! Things only go further downhill from there. Word to the wise. The whole situation is making me skeptical of the merits of a “Swedish-style” response to the banking crisis.