Time for a Time Out


I really think the gang over at the Corner needs to start taking a deep breath before they hit “publish” on their blog posts. Yesterday, we had Jay Nordlinger complaining that the press is ignoring instances of Democratic voter fraud and then citing as his example something that’s not fraud that allegedly happened eight years ago. And now this from Mike Potemra:

I was having dinner in Greenwich Village this evening and saw a thirtysomething guy with an Obama button—and a “Viva Chavez” T-shirt praising “Bolivarian Revolution.” I asked him if the Chavez he was endorsing was Hugo (as opposed to Cesar, Linda, etc.) He said yes, so I asked him: “Are we going to have a Bolivarian Revolution here in America next month?” He said sadly, “Obama says all kinds of bad things about Hugo Chavez”—here he perked up—”but you never know!” I’m not being McCarthyite in recounting this (definitely not Joe, not even Andy)—I’m just pointing out that while every racist or other kook who backs McCain is going to be treated as a symptom of a horrendous and endemic Republican pathology, the other side has its share of extremists too…

Read the anecdote again. The upshot of the story is that this Chavista says Obama doesn’t share his views. In other words, contrary to the past two weeks’ worth of National Review offerings, actual American radicals don’t think Obama is one of them.