The Cheery Journal

Sometimes I wonder how much of the “change we need” an Obama administration would really be able to deliver. But whenever one’s feeling pessimistic about such matters, there’s The Wall Street Journal editorial page which has been “warning” lately that an Obama administration would do all kinds of stuff.

Grist‘s Kate Shepard reads on editorial:

The Wall Street Journal spazzes out about Obama adviser Jason Grumet’s assertion that a President Obama would fight climate change under the Clean Air Act if Congress doesn’t move to address the issue within 18 months. Obama, the paper fears, would wield the EPA’s “so-called ‘endangerment finding’ on carbon … as a political bludgeon” and allow the EPA to move forward with a “unilateral carbon crackdown.” “That move would impose new regulation and taxes across the entire economy, something that is usually the purview of Congress,” writes the editorial board.

John Quiggin reads another editorial:

However, there’s a case for a much more optimistic view. Given a supermajority in the Senate, or even a win that’s near enough, with some RINO support to override Republican filibusters, some widely respected analysts are predicting marvellous things from Obama including:

  • Medicare for all
  • Serious financial reregulation
  • Union rights
  • Ending tax cuts for the rich
  • A green ‘revolution’
  • Voting rights for all, including DC

In the light of the lame record of the last congress, and of the Democratic Congresses in the 90s, this might seem unlikely. But an article I’ve just read points to a string of quite radical measures passed by the House in the last Congress and blocked only by the filibuster. Furthermore, as the writer observes the conversion of Southern Democrats into Republicans since the 90s means that most Democrats will hold the line on issues like health care.

All in all, it’s given me more cause for optimism than anything I’ve read for a while.

The catch is, of course, that it’s an editorial in the Wall Street Journal aimed at scaring Republican readers into going to the polls.

I think we can be fairly certain that no “Medicare for all” bill will be forthcoming. But as for the rest . . . I suppose it’s possible.